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Entry #1

All the way from SPP

2008-02-05 20:39:48 by ByondRAGE


This is ByondRAGE, All the way from SPP.

I've come here to post only my very best movies for the viewers. My next movies my come within next month or so to show you how good i am.

My Rank: intermediate
My Attitude: (As long as you are nice) Nice
My Hopes/Dreams: I wont tell you becuase you might crush them...

I expect to be treated normally and with some respect, and once again, Hello =D.



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2008-08-31 11:58:08

nice to meet you


2008-09-07 02:27:44

You look like an expert animator to me :3


2008-09-15 16:13:49

byond rage its me blah blah blah from spp ahh you probably dont remember me but i was trying to protect you from rather cheesy once god that guys a twat


2008-09-15 16:14:28

by the way the "blah blah blah" was my name